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Orchestra Audience

Plays by Neil Fleming 

Someone recently asked me how many plays I have written and I had a really hard time answering. The truth is probably in or around 30, but those are just the plays I have written complete drafts of. There are many that are still being ideated and gestated in my brain or in an old notebook. Some that I have written will never see the stage, and others may never get finished. But I do have around 30 or so that are stage-ready if you have a stage that needs a play.      

Popular Titles

Listed below are several of my plays that have had successful (and some multiple) productions 

Christmas Ornaments

Last Christmas

Grandpa gets into the medicinal marijuana on Christmas Eve.

Laughter and tears ensue.

Image by Alexander Grey


Two paper-shredders dream of anything to break the tedium, but get more than they can handle from their new secretary. 

Holding Hands

He Said, She Said

There are two sides to every love story. We just don't always say everything out loud.

Co-written with Glenda Stirling 

Image by Oxa Roxa


Aspiring screen-writer working as a security guard meets Hollywood starlet looking for a new project.

Holiday Party

The After Party

The IT guy and the cleaning lady are the last ones to leave the Christmas party. 

Toy Train


Over-worked Elves enact a zero-tolerance policy on the Naughty or Nice list. Coal for everyone!  

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