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Tin Foil Cup Creative Inc. 

Since 2003, Neil Fleming has been providing creative content, strategy, collaboration and advice for a wide range of clients:

Playwrights, directors, screenwriters, filmmakers, communications and marketing teams, students and teachers.

Over that time, Neil has written award-winning television, corporate video and short film scripts, copy for websites, press releases and project proposals, print ads and social media posts, every kind of corporate voice-over, from straight-laced safety guy legal speak to motivationally waxing poetic about a place, product or promotion. He has written several stage plays that have gone on to production in Calgary and elsewhere in Canada, and he has edited (or dramaturged) many more. He has produced, directed, written, shot, edited and delivered a wide range of web-ready videos, for an even wider range of people.

Neil is that rare mix of artist, technician, teacher and charmer who can provide you with the creative you're looking for, advise you on all steps in the video-making process, and help you maximize your digital communications budget.

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